Goop Tales, Page 74


Fijetta and Olwaynoy and Quarling are going to have their photographs taken by Cousin Billy. Mother has had a hard time with Quarling who has been quarrelling with Olwaynoy, and so now to punish him Mother has made him sit quietly in a chair until all three are ready. If he gets out of the chair or speaks once he will not have his photograph taken. Olwaynoy has behaved as badly, and now she is hiding Fijetta’s stockings. But Mother is having almost as bad a time with Fijetta, who simply will not keep still while she is being dressed. First, she kept reaching for her beads which were on the bureau, and then she threw them on the floor, and began trying to get her hat. While Mother was putting her shirt on she kept clapping her hands, and while Mother was trying to button it up, she jumped up and down. Nellie the nursemaid has just washed and ironed Fijetta’s frock and is ready to put it on for her. Mother is almost out of patience with this little Goop, because she fidgets when she is being washed and combed and dressed every morning so that it always takes a long time to dress her. When Cousin Billy came in to find out what was delaying them, he said, “Oh, I didn’t know I was going to make a Goop photograph! What’s the matter, Fijetta, Are you a Goop?”


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