Goop Tales, Page 72


Erlydyn always wakes up early in the morning and comes into her Mother’s room and wakes her up. No matter how tired or sleepy poor Mother is, there is no more sleep for her after that. This morning Erlydyn was worse than usual. She got up at five o’clock and came in and jumped on Mother’s bed. Then she crawled into the bed and teased her Mother for a story. Then she wanted to play that she was a kitten, and that her Mother was the mother cat. Then she wanted to be a little dog, and she crawled way down inside the bed-clothes and barked. Then she got out of bed and brought her woolly sheep and made it squeak “baa—baaa!” Then she wanted to play horse with Mother, and use Mother’s braided hair for the reins. Finally, Erlydyn got up and dressed herself; then, when she found her croquet mallet, she thought she would make believe that the balusters were a piano and play on them with the mallet. She is making a terrific noise, while Messalina and Nevershair, who have been up for some time, are playing quietly; for they know that Ethel was out late at a dance last night, and wants to sleep as long as she can. Mary is taking some breakfast to Uncle Harry’s room, for he has to catch the 6.15 train. Father has just come to the door in his pajamas, and he is saying, “Erlydyn, please let me sleep a little longer. I dreamed that there was an awful thunder storm; but it was only you! Are you a Goop?”


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