Goop Tales, Page 70


This is Destroya cutting out pictures of animals to paste into her circus scrap-book. Her father has given her some newspapers and an old magazine to cut up. She is trying to have a picture of every kind of animal in her book. Badinskool is coming to draw the picture of a lion on her slate. If Destroya cut out pictures only from the books and papers that were given to her, she would never get into trouble, but ever since she was a baby she has liked to tear pages out of books, and cut up papers with her scissors. Just now she is hunting for a picture of a bear, because she needs one for her circus book. As Destroya couldn’t find one, she looked through all the books in her father’s library. Then Jardad told her that there was one in a book called “Farthest North” on the table. Destroya took it down and found a be—autiful bear, and cut it out and pasted it into her own book. Then she cut out a fox and a seal and an albatross and some other strange animals. In the lower picture, you see Father has just found his book. Mother gave it to him for Christmas, and now it is ruined. He is saying, “Destroya, I shall have to take away your scissors and your circus book for a week! I thought you were a little lady. Are you a Goop?”


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