Goop Tales, Page 68


Carolesse is the most heedless and careless Goop that ever lived. As she came downstairs, she saw Fibius going on an errand. She threw up the window and called to him, but forgot to put the window down again. It was raining and blowing, so the pretty crisp lace curtains flew out and got wet, and the rain came in and soaked the rug. Then she dropped her doll, and left it where it lay, because she heard Abednego coming in. He had been to see the circus. She ran downstairs and didn’t notice the flower-pot on the table, and knocked it over upon the floor. She tripped on the mat and fell against a little table and upset that, too. A vase that belonged to Askalotte was broken, and Askalotte, who has heard the noise, is coming downstairs to see what is the matter. Her mother has been counting the careless things Carolesse has done. “One, two, three, four, five! Mercy’s sakes alive!” she said. “And you have broken Jotantrum’s fan, too, that makes six; just because you can never be careful and take heed what you do! Think what you’re doing and look where you go, then you ’ll be spared all your worry and woe! If you are not a Goop you’ll learn that, and practise it. Are you a Goop?”


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