Goop Tales, Page 66


Here are some of the things that Badinskool did to annoy her kindergarten teacher: she played, instead of working, she whispered and talked when she should have been listening to her teacher, she got out of line when she was marching, she pounded on the table, she tipped over backwards in her chair, and she scuffed her feet on the floor. When they all pulled up their chairs into a circle and began to sing “Thumbkin says, ‘I’ll dance,’” Badinskool saw a bird on a tree. “I want to be a bird!” she said, and began to fly round the room like a bird, waving her arms like wings. Then the teacher took her from the circle and made her sit in her chair by herself, till Badinskool said she would behave better. Afterward, when all the children were making mice out of clay, Badinskool rolled up little balls of clay and threw them at Hatesope and Fibius, then she pinched Jotantrum’s little clay mouse till it was all out of shape. So, because she had been so naughty, the teacher would not give Badinskool any little clay mouse to take home. Are you a Goop?


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