Goop Tales, Page 64


Elostum and Erlydyn are allowed to stay in the room with Ether and Mr. Jack to-day, because they were playing a “quiet” game. They are talking in signs, and the one who speaks first has to pay a forfeit. But when Askalotte came in she began to talk as fast as she could. This is what she said: “Eth-el, why aren’t you talking to Mr. Jack any more? Are you mad with Mr. Jack? Mr. Jack, why do you look so cross? Are you mad with Ethel? Ethel, where is your ring? Aren’t you going to wear your ring any more? Eth-el, if Mr. Jack made you mad what would you do? Mr. Jack, who was that lady you were with yesterday? How old is she, Mr. Jack? Eth-el, did you see the lady Mr. Jack was with? Mr. Jack, did you take away Ethel’s ring? Is it in your pocket? Aren’t you going to give it back to her any more ? Are you going to give it to that lady, Mr. Jack? Eth-el, are you going to church with Mr. Jack to-morrow? Are you, Ethel? Mr. Jack, do you think Ethel is pretty? Do you think she is as pretty as that lady you were with yesterday, Mr. Jack?” At last Ethel and Mr. Jack both burst out laughing at the silly questions. Ethel looked at Mr. Jack and said, “I really think Aska- lotte is a Goop, and I know I am one, sometimes. Are you a Goop?”


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