Goop Tales, Page 62


The Goops did not like the minister much, because he always said, “and how is my little man to-day?” But when Ether asked them to come in, they had to go because their mother said they must. She was too tired, herself. Abednego and Badinskool behaved beautifully, even when the minister pointed his glasses at them and smiled, though they would much rather be out playing than telling how old they were, what they learned in school, and how they liked their teacher. But while the minister was talking to him, Zeemsneaze disgraced himself by wiping his nose on his sleeve. Ethel was shocked. The minister said, “where is your handkerchief, my little man?” Zeemsneaze had left it in the stable, and hadn’t used it all day! When they went up to Miss Curleykew’s room, and told her about it, she said, “why Zeemsneaze, you are as bad as a horse! Are you a Goop?”


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