Goop Tales, Page 60


This is Yellkum’s mother’s reception day. Krysoe was asked to come in and show how well he could read for the visitors, and he came in such a hurry that he forgot to put on one shoe. He read, “Do we go up? We do go up. The hen is on the bed.” Then Jotantrum recited “How to Eat Soup,” and forgot only half of it. The two Misses Wigglesworth said that both were charming, and Dr. Golosher that his memory was just like Jotantrum’s. Young Mr. Snale said they both were “very unique.” Then they had tea and began to talk gubble all together. Gubble is the language of tea-parties. Mother was telling what a time she was having with the house-maid when they heard a great noise out in the hall, and Yellkum burst into the room yelling, “Back Bay Station! This train for Baltimore, Toledo, and Northwest Territory! Passengers for Honolulu, Paris, and Asia Minor please change cars! Twenty minutes for refreshments. Beware of pickpockets! Next stop Thirty-Second Street!” Then he began to pound on the piano with his shovel. Young Mr. Snale was so frightened that he nearly dropped his cup and saucer. Ethel came into the room just then, and she said: “Why I haven’t heard such a noise since I was in the Midway Plaisance, Yellkum, Are you a huckster, or Are you a Goop?”


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