Goop Tales, Page 58


This is a kindergarten class out doors in the country, studying nature. The teacher is in front, pointing out a flock of birds to the children, and Miss Curleykew is at the end helping her. They have all come out from the city in a trolley-car, and are having a fine time in the wind and sunshine, looking at all sorts of queer things. They have all behaved nicely except Xaspery, who has done everything he can to annoy his teacher. He ran away down the road after a butterfly, instead of walking quietly in order beside Sulkie, and he snatched at Messalina’s spoon and threw it over the stone wall, and he never listened to what the teacher said, but asked, “what was it?” when she had finished explaining something. He was so exasperating in school to-day that his teacher would not let him take his alpenstock out with him, although you see Mudfort has his spear and Zeemsneaze his drum. Xaspery has just found a worm, and he is so busy looking at it that he doesn’t see the flying birds. Then he looked up too late to see the birds and said, “where are they?” His teacher said to him, “why are you always so heedless and inattentive? Are you a Goop?”


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