Goop Tales, Page 56


This fat man is Mr. Jack’s father, and Ethel loves to have him call, because he is always so good-natured and jolly. Nothing ever disturbs him. When Teeza teased to be allowed to sit up to the table and write a letter, old Mr. Jack gave her a pencil out of his own pocket to use. When Elostum lost his kite, old Mr. Jack laid down his book and looked all over the house till he found the kite for him. But there is one thing that old Mr. Jack doesn’t like, and that is disobedience. He hates to hear children whine, and he hates to see them sulk, and Whymusty does both. First, Ethel told Whymusty that he must go upstairs and have his face washed, and Whymusty began to scowl, and said, “why must I?” Then old Mr. Jack looked up over his glasses and shook his head. Next, Ethel told Whymusty that he was making so much noise playing soldier and yelling “bang!!!” when he shot off his gun that he must go out in the hall and play, for he was disturbing them. Whymusty said, “why must I?” Old Mr. Jack shook his head again. Then at last Ethel asked Whymusty to go out and bring in the hammock, because it looked like rain, and Whymusty said, “why must I?” So old Mr. Jack said, “Whymusty, if you dress like a soldier you must act like a soldier, and soldiers always obey orders without a question. But if you’re not really a soldier, what are you? Are you a Goop?”


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