Goop Tales, Page 54


Mother was expecting the minister to dinner, and she wanted to cook something very good to eat, as the minister was very fond of food. So she made some sweet soup, and mealy meat-balls, and various vegetables, and prime pudding, and pleasant pie for dinner. But what the minister liked best was home-made bread, for where he lived they got all their bread at a bakery. So she sent Verislow out for a yeast cake early in the afternoon, and told him to come back quickly. But Verislow was so much interested in looking at the pictures on the circus posters that he was a long time getting to the grocery-store, and on his way back he found Piejam and Fijetta playing with a new purple toy balloon. He stayed with them for a whole hour, until Fijetta lost her balloon, and it sailed away in the air. Verislow forgot all about the yeast cake, until his mother came out to the kitchen door, in great anxiety. “O Verislow,” she cried, “you are so late I won’t have time to make any home-made bread for the minister! Are you a Goop?”


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