Goop Tales, Page 52


This shows the Hotel Goop that Cousin Billy built out of a packing-case. It is fitted up like a little house inside, with a carpet on the floor, and pictures on the walls, and a table and shelves and two chairs. Zelphina is sweeping and dusting it out, as she expects Xcitabelle to call on her this morning. Urapyg and Nevershair wanted to play “fire,” so they got Cousin Billy to set up the ladder against a clothes-pole. Then Cousin Billy sat down on the grass and waited for Miss Curleykew. Just as she came out with Xcitabelle, Nevershair ran up to the top of the ladder, and Urapyg was angry, because he had wanted to go up first. He said, “I am the chief, for I have a fireman’s helmet, and I ought to go first. You ’re a pig to go first, and I won’t play any more!” Miss Curleykew was surprised to hear him use such horrid words, and she said, “Urapyg, you’ll have to wash your mouth out with soap, if you use such bad words. Are you a Goop?”


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