Goop Tales, Page 50


Tuchim has just been up in his father’s room, and has carried away his watch and his best razor to play with, and Takim has just been up in his mother’s room, and has taken away her opera-glasses; and when they have finished playing with them, they will probably leave them in the bath-tub. Yellkum and Stinjessie are looking on, knowing that the twins are going to get into trouble. The picture below shows another of their scrapes. Father was reading quietly in the library. Tuchim got up on a rocking-chair and reached for the candy, while Takim stepped up on the foot of the table and got it first. Then Tuchim’s chair rocked and threw him over, and as he fell he knocked over the lamp, and spilled a glass of water, a can of liquid glue, and a bottle of ink. They all came down together on the floor. Father was just too late to catch them, and was so provoked at the mischief the twins had made that he said, “I never saw so ill-bred a child as you, Tuchim, unless it is you, Takim: Are you a Goop?”


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