Goop Tales, Page 44


When Quarling went out to play, he found Hatesope and Rudella down the road. First they shot at the fence with Rudella’s bow and arrows, and she did the best. Then they played “three old cats” with Hatesope’s bat and ball, and Hatesope did the best. Then they ran races, and Quarling did the best. Then Quarling said, “let’s play soldiers, and I will be the captain, for I have a sword.” So he marched Rudella and Hatesope up and down the sidewalk. Quarling said to Hatesope, “you don’t keep in step, and you don’t carry your gun right.” Hatesope said, “you are out of step yourself, and you don’t carry your sword right.” Then Quarling got angry and hit Hatesope with his sword, and frightened Rudella so she screamed. The policeman came across the street and said to Quarling, “you are quarrelling again, I see; I’ll have to attend to you!” Quarling was very much frightened, but then he saw his mother coming, and he was very much ashamed of having behaved so badly. When she came up, she said to him, “Quarling, you are in-cor-rig-i-ble! Are you a Goop?”


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