Goop Tales, Page 42


Pie jam is down in the cellar, and he has brought down a pie and a jar of marmalade and two jars of jam from the pantry with him. Katy the Cook has missed the pies and sweets, and has come down into the cellar with Intrupta and found him. She is saying, “Oh Lawks ! If it don’t be Piejam, and I sure thought it was rats! How ever did you get down here, you little Goop?” Rodirtygus and Haychu were playing in the cellar, but now they are in the coal-bin and are watching to hear what Katy the Cook will say. Rodirtygus’s face and hands are all black with coal-dust. Haychu is going to sell all the old bottles for a cent apiece to the “rags-bottles-sacks” man, when he comes by. In the afternoon Nibolene came over to see Piejam, and as they were both extraordinary eaters, you can easily guess what happened. Piejam had put his “swagger stick” under his chair and had begun on a large juicy jar of jam, and Nibolene was eating her fourth doughnut, when Piejam’s mother came in. “Piejam,” she said, “to-day, to my certain knowledge, you have eaten, between meals, at least two tons of Goop-food. Are you a Goop?”


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