Goop Tales, Page 40


Verislow and Olwanoy were having a fine time playing railroad train with the chairs when Obaynotte came in and found them. “You naughty Goops,” he is saying, “don’t you know it is wrong to treat the furniture that way? You will scratch the varnish and break the legs.” But Verislow and Olwanoy kept on playing. “Get off the track, or you will be run over,” Verislow is saying, for he is the engineer. Obaynotte went out into the back-yard and began to play golf all alone, thinking how naughty these Goops were. When the Goops’ mother came in, she found that her best hall chair was broken. So to punish Verislow and Olwanoy she made them sit on the sofa, their hands behind their backs, for half an hour. Then she raised the window and called for Obaynotte to come in. He kept on playing and pretended not to hear her. When she called again he went further away, so that he could not hear her. Then she said, “Obaynotte, you are as bad as the others! Are you a Goop?”


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