Goop Tales, Page 38


Nevershair was very fond of bananas. So was Verivaine. So were Tuchim and Takim. While these four were playing in the front yard, Nevershair’s mother called him in and gave him a large yellow banana. “What have you?” asked Verivaine, when he came out. Nevershair laughed and said, “I’ve got something I won’t tell; nine little niggers in a peanut shell.” “It’s a banana,” said Tuchim and Takim. Then Nevershair ran off and hid the banana behind his back. “Give me a bite?” cried Verivaine. “Give me a bite?” cried Tuchim. “Give me a bite?” cried Takim. “No,” said Nevershair. “I am going to eat this banana all myself, and you shan’t have any. When I have eaten this banana I am going to get another banana and eat that myself, and you shan’t have any!” Nevershair did not see Ethel and Mr. Jack, who came by just then. (Ethel’s eyes look as if she had been crying, but she has just promised to marry Mr. Jack and is really very happy.) “Why, Nevershair,” said Ethel, “how can you be so selfish? Are you a Goop?”


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