Goop Tales, Page 36


Professor Inchworm has been calling on Mark’s mother, and has just opened the book he brought last week. It is a book full of colored pictures of insects — he wrote it himself. He has just found a page where, yesterday, a little Goop drew a large man on the clean, white paper. Who do you think did it? Mudfort, of course. Then he forgot all about it until to-day. Mark Mudfort’s mother didn’t know what to do, for she had just punished him for marking on the walls, which must be painted over because of his scrawling pictures and letters. After he was sent out, Mark Mudfort found Yuwanda, who had wandered away from her home as usual. They played out in the yard for a while, and then Mark said, “let’s play soldiers in the hall.” Yuwanda carefully wiped her feet on the mat, but Mark Mudfort tramped up and down in his muddy boots until the hall was tracked with foot-prints. Then the professor came out and said, “I have known many queer animals, but you are the queerest I ever saw! Are you a Goop?”


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