Goop Tales, Page 34


This is Jardad’s birthday party. Bawlfred is crying under the table because Jardad stepped on his finger. Takim has the mumps, so he isn’t here, but Tuchim and the others are playing jackstraws, and it is Ugpert’s first turn. She was just ready to draw out a straw very carefully without joggling the other pieces, when Lemeetri crowded in and wanted to do it first. He is saying, “let me try! Let me try!” Jardad was too polite to say anything, but Ugpert spoke to Lemeetri very sharply. Miss Curleykew took Lemeetri away from the table and made him sit down on the other side of the room, and wait till his turn came.Cousin Billy said, “ Lemeetri, you are too palestric!” and the minister (who had come in for ice-cream) murmured, “quite so, quite so!” It was too bad of Lemeetri to act so, for Mr. Jack had only just given him his windmill. Wonty was blowing it to make it go round and round, when Lemeetri ran up and cried, “let me try!” Miss Curleykew went up to Lemeetri after a while and said, “now, are you going to act nicely, or Are you a Goop?”


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