Goop Tales, Page 32


This lady is Miss Stilcum of Washington; she has a cold, and is eating a cough drop. The Goop with her is Krysoe, who is crying because she will not read to him from his little book. But Miss Stilcum is too busy telling Uncle Harry all about her trip to Europe to listen to this little Goop. It would n’t make much difference if she did, though, for if he isn’t crying about one thing, he is crying about another. At school he cried because he couldn’t feed the goldfish, and he cried at recess because Nevershair wouldn’t give him any of his candy. Then he cried because Miss Stilcum wouldn’t let him take the blacking bottle and paint the beautiful bust that you see on the table. You see. Uncle Harry had just got Destroya and Rodirtygus to playing cat’s cradle, and he thought he could listen in comfort to Miss Stilcum, but Krysoe wanted to play cat’s cradle himself, and cried because the other two wouldn’t let him. He doubled up his fists and hopped up and down, like Bawlfred. Then Uncle Harry got up and said, “what would you think if I made up a face like yours, and cried like a baby? Watch me!” Uncle Harry looked so funny doing what Krysoe did that they all began to laugh. Miss Stilcum said, “now surely you know what you look like when you cry so. Are you a Goop?”


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