Goop Tales, Page 28


Here you see Sister Ethel, and Mr. Jack is with her, of course, for he comes to the house quite often. This time he brought a lovely book called “The Confessions of a Minor Poet,” and Ethel laughed a great deal when she read it and looked at the pictures. Then Mr. Jack began to read his diary to her, and she forgot that there were any Goops in the room. But Abednego and Ugpert were there playing their “doctor” game. Abednego is the doctor, and when Ugpert comes in, he looks at her tongue and feels her pulse. But they wouldn’t let Inkfinga play, because when he holds Ugpert’s hand, he always leaves a dirty mark behind. So Inkfinga put his bottle on the floor, and went up to the table and took the book that Mr. Jack had brought. He turned over all the pages and looked at all the pictures. Of course he left a smooch on each. He wiped his fingers on the lace curtains, and then tried to clean the marks off the book with his handkerchief, but he only made them worse. Ethel was so angry that she didn’t know what to say. Mr. Jack knew what to say, but he didn’t dare to say it. “O, Inkfinga!” Ethel said, at last, “how could you touch that book without permission and ruin it? Are you a Goop?”


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