Goop Tales, Page 26


Hatesope disliked to take his bath so much that once he told Ethel he would strike her with his bat, if she got any soap in his eyes. I think he didn’t really mean it, but he thought it was funny to say it. But he put off his bath as long as he could, and always made a shocking fuss over it. It always took him a long time to undress and place his clothes on a chair, hoping that Ethel would let him off from his washing. He is in the tub now, and is screaming that he is cold and that there is soap in his eyes, and anything else he can think of. It is Elostum’s turn next, and he loves to take a bath, so he is all ready. He has taken his coat off, and come into the bathroom in his trousers, and is laughing at Hatesope. Gablia is talking as usual, waiting for her turn to come. Ethel is hurrying as fast as she can, because she is going to the theatre with Mr. Jack, and she is saying, “if you’d only not squirm, Hatesope, it would be over more quickly!” Gablia is saying, “I’m going to bring in my little ducks and fishes and put them in the water with me, and I hope it will take Ethel four hours to wash me!” Elostum is saying, “Hatesope ought to have to eat a whole cake of soap to keep him from crying! Hatesope, why do you yell so? Are you a Goop?”


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