Goop Tales, Page 24


When the Goops’ mother told them that Mr. Jimmy Payson was coming to dinner, they all wanted to be at the table, because he always made them laugh. But Korlaway annoyed her mother so much, and Obaynotte was so naughty that they were not allowed to eat dinner with the company. Only Goblick was permitted to sit at the table, and when they began dinner, what do you think he did? He licked his lingers, he licked his knife, you never saw such a sight in your life! He growled at the food, and he kicked at his chair, he wiped off his spoon and his fork on his hair! He talked while he chewed, and he teased for more sauce, he took the best orange, and drank like a horse! He played with the salt, and he played with his food, his eating was horribly, horribly rude! He scraped at his plate, and he spilled all his soup, he sneezed and he coughed like the worst kind of Goop. He made such a mess with his butter and bread that his mother could stand it no longer, and said, “Goblick, leave the table instantly. I never saw you behave so badly!” You see Obaynotte and Erlydyn watching him on the stairs? Erlydyn is calling out, “Goblick, Goblick, you make me sick! Are you a Goop?”


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