Goop Tales, Page 22


Fibius and Lemeetri were out in the barnyard playing horse. Of course Lemeetri had to be the driver first, or he wouldn’t play. So he took Fibius’s whip, while Fibius ran with Lemeetri’s windmill. Then Fibius said, “let’s throw stones and see who can come nearest to that window in the barn without hitting it. Erlydyn came along just then, and she said, “you’d better not do it, for you may break the window-pane!” But the two Goops did try it, and after they had thrown a few stones, one that Fibius threw went right through the glass. Miss Curleykew, who had been pruning a rose bush, came running up, when she heard the smash, and so did Cousin Billy, who had been raking the lawn. “Who broke that window?” said Cousin Billy. Nobody answered. “Did you, Lemeetri?” Lemeetri answered, “no!” “Did you do it, Erlydyn?” Erlydyn said, “no!” Cousin Billy turned to Fibius and said, “did you do it, Fibius?” Fibius said, “no, I didn’t do it, Lemeetri did it with a stone!” Then Miss Curleykew, who had seen it all, said, “O, Fibius, how can you tell such a fib? Are you a Goop?”


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