Goop Tales, Page 20


First, you must know the names of the people in this picture. The lady on the sofa is Miss Curleykew. Fibius is standing beside her. You need not be afraid that the spiders on the sofa will crawl over him, for they are really only buttons. The old gentleman in the cane-chair is Grandfather, who has fallen asleep while reading “David Grieve.” You can see the book on his lap. In the very front is Elostum. He looks very much troubled because he has lost his cap and can’t find it anywhere. When he came into the house he threw it on the floor. Teeza is behind him helping him look for it. You see, Miss Curleykew has been telling them a story, and when she finished, she told them that they might go out into the woodshed and see the little kittens that came that morning. Elostum is very fond of animals and is in a great hurry, but he can’t find his cap. Fibius is laughing at him, for he knows where it is. It is on the floor, under Grandfather’s chair. You can just see one end of it. Miss Curleykew said, “if you had hung it up properly, you’d know where it is! Goops never put their things away! Are you a Goop?”


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