Goop Tales, Page 16


Cawlomar and Goblick and Carolesse were playing in the library when Mother came into the room. She said she wanted to write a letter to Father, and that the children must all go out into the stable to play, where they could make all the noise they wanted to. So Cawlomar put his toys carefully away on the top shelf. First, his box of building blocks, then his gas-ball and his funny wooden horse and the flannel elephant. Then all three went out quietly. When they got into the kitchen they found two loaves of chocolate cake Katy the cook had just baked. Goblick and Carolesse each picked a piece of frosting off and ate it, while Katy was not looking. Cawlomar went right back into the library and told his mother what they had done! She was very sorry about it, but sorrier that Cawlomar should tell tales. “You shall all three be punished for being so naughty,” she said. “Goblick and Carolesse must stand in the corner for ten minutes for being so greedy, and Cawlomar must do the same for running and telling on them! Are you a Goop?”


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