Goop Tales, Page 14


This picture shows what a Goop Bawlfred could be, when he wanted to. He was out doors, playing with Whymusty and Nibolene. Whymusty had on his soldier cap, and Nibolene was eating a doughnut as usual. After a while they heard a noise down the street, and saw an automobile coming along. It was Bawlfred’s Uncle Harry, and on the back seats were Ethel and Miss Stilcum of Washington, who was visiting at the house. They had been riding in the Park. Whymusty said, “let’s race them!” and so the three children started running as fast as they could. Whymusty was ahead, and Nibolene’s hat had blown off, when Bawlfred stumbled and fell and hurt himself. But instead of getting up with a laugh, he began to cry! Just then his mother came along, and as she picked him up, she said, “Are you a Goop?”


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