Goop Tales, Page 12


This is the way Abedbego acts when he is told to go to bed. He doubles up his fists, and says, “I won’t!” Abednego and Haychu and Zeemsneaze were all out in the garden playing horse. Abednego’s sister Ethel called to them to come into the house, for it was five o’clock. They all three ran in as fast as they could, for they thought that perhaps she had some candy for them. Zeemsneaze put his cap on the hall table, and his drum on the floor. They found that Mr. Jack, the young man who came so often to see Ethel, was in the drawing-room with her, and Henry, the butler, was just bringing in some tea and cakes for them. Abednego raised his hat very politely, and gave Ethel a pink he had picked in the garden. But when she told him it was time for him to go to bed, he threw his hat on the floor, and stamped his foot, and said, “I won’t!” But Haychu obeyed promptly, and you can see she is half-way upstairs already, calling to Zeemsneaze. Abednego would not stir, so Mr. Jack had to carry him upstairs, saying,
“Some one told me that there were Goops in this house;
Are you a Goop?”


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