Goop Tales, Page 114


This is Ethel’s wedding, and she is walking up the aisle with her father. Poutine is the flower-maid and is strewing roses on the floor. Lemeetri is carrying the ring on a cushion. Rudella and Carolesse are holding the bridal veil. All the Goops are there, and they have left their toys in the vestibule. Mr. Jack’s twin brother is on one of the front seats.Zelphina was to have been flower-maid, and this is how it happened that she is not. She kept Mary the maid busy waiting on her, and let all the others dress themselves as best they could. When she was all ready, her mother asked her to help Fijetta get her shoes on. But as Zelphina wanted to see which carriage she was going in, she ran away instead, and hid in the pantry where her mother couldn’t find her. There she stayed, watching out the window.While she was there, it came time for Ethel to go to the church, and as no one could find Zelphina, Poutine was asked to take her place as flower-girl. When Zelphina came out, all the family had driven off without her. So she had to walk to church and sit all alone. That is what came of her being so selfish a Goop.Are you a Goop?


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