Goop Tales, Page 112


Yuwanda was forbidden ever to go outside the front gate, but this morning she waited till no one was looking, and ran down the road. She found Whymusty playing on some lumber in front of Mr. Jack’s new house. He pulled a board off the top, put it across a saw-horse to make a see-saw, and asked Yuwanda to tilt with him. The man sitting on the fence is a carpenter. While Yuwanda was up high in the air, Whymusty saw a policeman coming along. Whymusty was afraid of being scolded for meddling with the boards, so he started to get off and run away. The policeman came up just in time to save Yuwanda from a bad fall, and he scolded Whymusty for being so thoughtless. Mary the maid is running to get Yuwanda, for Father has just come home and wants to take her to Boston with him on the next train. Father and Mother are both calling her.But Yuwanda was so late that she couldn’t be dressed in time. Father was angry and said, “you disobeyed me, so now you will have to stay at home with Mary.Are you a Goop?”


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