Goop Tales, Page 108


Mr. Jack and Ethel have already begun to receive their wedding presents, and they are opening them, and making a list of them. Wonty and Whynotte are helping them. When the front door bell rings, both the twins rush downstairs and take the parcels and bring them up to Ethel. Whynotte is wearing one of Wonty’s dresses. After they had done this a while, the twins wanted to open the packages themselves. Wonty opened one, and found a bust of Shakespeare from Mr. Snale, and Whynotte opened another and found a picture of the Minister which he had sent himself. But after they had opened a few more, they got the cards all mixed up, so that Ethel could not tell who had sent the presents. Wonty put Cousin Billy’s card on a satin-lined brush and comb case, that looked like a book when it was shut. Mr. Jack thought it must be one of Billy’s jokes. But it was really Mary the maid who had sent it. Whynotte put Miss Stilcum’s card on a clock that Prof. Inchworm had sent. Then Ethel said, “ you must not open any more parcels!” and Whynotte said, “Why not?” She began to open another. Then Mr. Jack said, “you must leave all the presents alone! ” and Wonty said, “I won’t!” And she kept on touching them. That is the way they always behaved. They usually kept right on as they were doing before. They were Goops, and couldn’t help it. Are you a Goop?


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