Goop Tales, Page 106


Ethel is going to be married in a week, and the dressmaker is finishing the last of her dresses. Just now, she is hanging a drop skirt and pinning it even, all round. Verivaine has been watching the dressmaker, wishing that she could have some new frocks made, for she loves to dress up and show herself off. Verivaine thinks she is so pretty that she spends half her time in front of the mirror, nodding her head this way and that, and prinking like a cockatoo. She has been looking in Ethel’s bureau drawers and has taken out and tried on all Ethel’s jewelry. She put on three rings and two necklaces and four diamond pins and then went and sat by the window, so that people could see her. She has arranged her veil a different way over her head and she thinks she is very beautiful. A favorite trick of hers is to walk slowly up and down the steps of the finest house in the neighborhood, so that people will think she lives there. Did you ever hear of anyone as vain as that? Destroya is letting the dressmaker use her scissors, but wants to use them herself in a minute, to cut the picture of a horse out of the newspaper. Surleigh is saying, “Oh, I see a mouse!” hoping Ethel will jump up on a chair. But Ethel doesn’t believe him. When Ethel turned round, she laughed to see Verivaine still before the mirror. “Oh, Verivaine, there’s a Goop in the glass!” she said, “Are you a Goop?”


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