Goop Tales, Page 104


I am afraid you won’t believe me when I tell you how pert and saucy and disagreeable Ugpert is. Think of the worst-behaved child you know, — Ugpert is worse still. She is not only rude and impolite to her playmates, but to grown-up people, too. The Minister has come to call again. Cousin Billy and Miss Curleykew have been talking to him. Quirita likes the Minister, because he always gives her a cough-drop when he sees her. She is eating one now. Goblick has been showing the Minister and Cousin Billy how well he can snap marbles. When Ugpert came into the parlor, the Minister said, “ how do you do, little girl, what is your name?” “Puddin’ tame!” said Ugpert, trying to be smart. “You look as if you had been having a good time,” the Minister said. “You look like a goat!” said Ugpert. “Oh, Ugpert, how can you say such a thing,” Miss Curleykew cried. “I can say it with my mouth!” said Ugpert, trying to be funny. “Speak politely,” said Cousin Billy, “or Dr. White will think you’re a Goop.” “His boots are dirty!” said Ugpert, and she stuck out her tongue at the Minister and walked off! She was a Goop, wasn’t she! Are you a Goop?


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