Goop Tales, Page 102


Teeza and Krysoe have been making a little village in their sand heap, behind the barn. Miss Curleykew has told them that they must stay inside the fence. She is playing tennis with Cousin Billy. “Please can’t we go out and get some stones! ” Teeza is saying. “I told you that you must stay in,” Miss Curleykew is saying. “But we need the stones, for our wall! It isn’t strong enough without them!” Teeza teased. Miss Curleykew only said, “Love, Thirty!” for she wanted to go on with her game. “Please can’t we?” Teeza said again. “No, dear,” said Miss Curleykew, and then she ran for the ball. Verivaine was so intent upon looking at herself in her mirror that she walked right into the tennis court, and Miss Curleykew ran into her and knocked her over. But Verivaine was not hurt much. “Then won’t you come and show us how to make a church out of sand?” Teeza said. “Not now, dear,” said Miss Curleykew. “Why not?” Teeza insisted. “I think it’s mean you won’t come!” Then Cousin Billy shouted, “Teeza, will you tell me something?” “What is it?” Teeza asked. “What I want to know is,” he said, “Are you a Goop?”


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