Goop Tales, Page 100


This is Stinjessie’s house. It is Number 62 Tulip Street. Stinjessie’s room is where the window is, that you just can’t see. It is a fine, Spring morning, and Stinjessie has just come out with her things to play on the doorstep. She brought out her doll and her horse and the little table, in her doll’s trunk, then went back for her hoop. Her doll’s name is Delia. Nibolene and Obaynotte are asking Stinjessie if they can play on her doorstep with her toys, and Stinjessie is saying, “no, you can’t; I want to play here myself!” So, when Uncle Harry and Miss Stilcum, of Washington, came down the street, Nibolene and Obaynotte went along with them. After they had left, Stinjessie was sorry she had not let them stay, for now she had to play all the forenoon alone. So, after she had taken her doll’s clothes out of the trunk and dressed her, she said, “Delia, I hope you won’t grow up to be as selfish and stingy as your mother, but I am afraid you are getting more like me every day! Are you a Goop?”


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