ABC Fun, Page 2


The Alphabet Party.

It was about six weeks before Christmas and every child in the city was
thinking about it and all the lovely toys Santa Claus would bring them.
Two little folks who were looking forward to the great day joyously were Ethel
and Charles Bright. They were twins, and for them the Holidays held double
attractions, as that season brought also their Birthday Anniversary, which this
year would be their seventh. w Their mother had planned a surprise for them—a
toy party—and in her invitation she asked that each little guest should meet
he’t in the toy department at Timothy Smith Co. They were only too glad to do
this, of course, and they had a fine time looking over the enormous supply of
toys of every description. Mrs. Bright asked each child to make a rhyme about a
favorite toy, promising that the one who made the best verse should receive as
a prize the choice of the toys. After.they got home, the children, with the
help of the elders, made up their rhymes. On the day of the twins’
birthday’they all met at Mrs. Bright’s and had great fun reading the
On the cover of this book is a picture of the party, while the rhymes are the
ones made by the children.


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