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Cinematic Incubation: Gregory Markopoulos’s Asclepion Vision

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4:30pm October 22, 2013
103 Scheide Caldwell House

American filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos spent the last ten years of his life re-editing most of his previous films and 55 completely new ones into a silent magnum opus. The eighty-hour Eniaios (which means both “unity” and “uniqueness”) is composed of one hundred individual titles in 22 cycles, or orders, of three to five hours each; it was designed for exclusive outdoor screening in the remote Peloponnese in an event and site he called the Temenos (“sacred grove” or “place set apart”). He hoped Eniaios images might impress themselves in unconscious zones, stirring up dormant zones of spirit and psyche.

Rebekah Rutkoff will deliver a lecture exploring the ways in which Markopoulos was inspired and guided by the ancient practices and rituals of Asclepion healing in the conceptualization and creation of his massive project. The lecture looks at the edited structure of the film, its site specificity, and the filmmaker’s rhetoric of cinematic therapy in the context of Asclepion traditions of pilgrimage, incubation and cure.

This event is sponsored by the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies and the Committee for Film Studies.